Easter week (also known as Holy week) is the most important week in the Christian calendar as we set aside time to reflect on the days leading up to Easter Sunday.

During this week we have various services that help us connect with the different parts and aspects of this important time.

Palm Sunday 9:30am

Begins as a procession from the South Gate as a reminder of the joy and celebration of Jesus riding into Jerusalem. The service prepares us for the coming days as the story of ‘The Passion’ is read.

Maundy Thursday 7:30pm

Is a service that reminds us of the ‘Last Supper’ when Jesus met with his disciples and washed their feet; there is an opportunity to have your feet washed but this is in no way compulsary!! The service then leads into a time of reflection as the altar is ‘stripped’ and we being to think of Jesus’ time in the garden of Gethsemane before Judas’ betrayal.

Good Friday 12pm

is a service in which we reflect on the day in which Jesus was crucified. It’s an important time to spend thinking about the siginifcance of this day. Pebbles will also be available to be placed at the foot of the cross as a demonstration of laying down all that burdens us in this life.

Easter Sunday 9:30am

is a service of great celebration with an all important egg hunt!!

All are welcome to join us for any of these services – Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services are probably best suited for adults.